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How it works

If you want to move abroad

You are about to do one of the biggest steps in your life.

Information is the power that will help you to avoid mistakes on your way. The main source of that information should be the official immigration website of the country of your choice.

All the stories of successful immigration are very individual. Sometimes to succeed you just need a good advice, but sometimes you need a professional help.

How Immiplanet can help you

Why Immiplanet

It is very difficult to find an immigration professional based only on the information that they provide on their personal websites.

Immiplanet is an independent platform, that is why immigration consultants have to earn their reputation by participating in the life of immiplanet community by answering questions, doing publications and getting reviews from satisfied clients. Saying only "look how cool we are!" is just not enough.

Reputation and activity of consultants should be the marker for you in the case you need a professional help.

Please remember that most countries require official registration for companies that provide immigration services.

If you can help to move abroad

Immigration professionals are always welcome to join.

Reputation is your biggest asset that will let you to attract more customers.

Why Immiplanet

  • You do not need to look for clients. Immiplanet will find them to you.
  • Immiplanet can be your primary platform for communication with your clients.
  • We can inform you about new requests for help from members in your location and beyond.