The permanent residents of Canada have been enjoying some of the most fantasized benefits of any country. Canada is a vast country, full of cities, towns and wildernesses. It has been noted as one of the best destinations in the world to live in and settle down.

Annually, millions of people apply for immigration to Canada. The reason behind this are the exciting experiences Canada holds for its residents. However, there are people who are not properly familiar with the reasons, why Canada is one of the most desired countries by foreigners. Moving on, let me explain 7 of the most common, yet significant reasons, why living in Canada is beneficial.

The Art of Apologizing

The term, "The Apologetic Canadian" is a fairly true stereotype for people who have experienced running into a true Canadian. In most countries, if you nudge someone aside, the issue might get out of hands. However, the Canadian people are known to be the friendliest and the most apologetic people on Earth, for unknown reasons that is.

Epic Sceneries

One of the most attractive benefit of moving into Canada is the sceneries this country holds for you. Canada is bless with the best lakes, mountains, nature walks and landscapes. Late summer evenings or the northern lights are few of the miracles, which soothe your mind and help you in gaining peace, which is not easy to get in most metropolitan countries.

Economic Stability

One of the reasons why most people are looking forward to moving to Canada is that the Canadian government offers a range of economic benefits for people who are facing a financial crisis or unemployment. On top of that, the Canadian residents feel secure while living there, as the level of security has been kept high.


From tiny gophers and nosey squirrels to large grizzly bears, Canada’s wildlife picture is one of the most picturesque is the world. Canada has a diverse assortment when it comes to wildlife and is home to a large variety of animals.

Four Seasons

Although there are people who enjoy the same whether throughout the year, but I look forward to enjoying all four seasons. This is one of the most intriguing things to love about Canada. It holds all four seasons, annually, fulfilling the desires of every person separately.

Multicultural Society

The acceptance of Canadian’s is appreciable. Canada has a multicultural society and it is the home to most of the people from diverse cultures and traditions. Moreover, the laws of the country help people, from all religions, enjoy their own cultures, without obstruction or hindrance.

Exotic Menus

Although the ingredients combined to make the Canadian delicacies might sound just wrong, anyone like myself who has tasted these menus, know that they are exceptionally tasty. These menus are made with ingredients which sound weird when combined, but they are one of the most exotic and mouth-watering culinary experiments throughout the world.

Canada has made its way somewhere to the top of the list, of the best countries to live in. However, when moving to Canada, the above mentioned list is what most foreigners can expect for being just a glimpse, of the experiences they are going to enjoy in the future.