Does Germany want Aliens to Enter and even Stay Here?

Everybody has his or her special situation, everybody would like to get in as easy and quickly as possible. Do you believe that especially this presentation will even all paths to your permit? Wake up! There is no one clear-cut path to Germany! There will always be more or less red tape to overcome.

One great ease has come true: the one-stop agency. You only need to visit the foreigners office to apply for a residence and work permit. While the labor agencies (= Arbeitsagenturen) make the decision to grant or refuse the working permits. The Ausländeramt (foreigners or immigration office) will only decide on the residence. However, the foreigners office will communicate both decisions to you. Another exciting detail is that every residency permit must clearly either permit or forbid (self-)employment. Investors are so dearly needed that local chambers of commerce have started to open "Business Immigration Services". Though this is a fact, they covertly admit to be a toothless tiger in the administration process.

During the last 4 decades, Germany has been more or less in the paradox situation of wanting, if at all, to have tourists but not any workers immigrate. On the other hand, certain professions were gradually becoming more needed. A textbook key case based on implementation orders was to have a millionaire come to Germany just to live off his wealth without working here. Even those persons received ignorant reception from immigration authorities when wanting to immigrate – if they had the “wrong” citizenship. But on the other hand, business (in all shades of the word) is actually needed. Such experiences and more led the politicians to adopt the Directive with one year delay and also with a big plus by European comparison. German immigration law now contains instruments of modern labor migration. Hopefully the administration will not block the needed foreign workforce by interpreting the rules too strictly or through mere bureaucratic friction.