I've been planning to write about NZ drivers for a while, but as it often happens can't find the time for that. What makes me do it now is an infomercial released on the radio aimed at reducing road incidents. I find the infomercial very well and professionally made, and I wish we had similar ones in our country, but unfortunately, it's not very productive. 

So, getting back to NZ drivers. They are horrible (sorry if had someone offended). There are several categories of BAD drivers:

  1. Women from India - or at least having Indian looks - can't feel the distance, don't ever use the mirrors, apparently are unaware of a 2-seconds-rule.
  2. Asian girls, women, old ladies - please, teach them how to fix the seats! They are usually TOO close to the wheel (how do they even turn it??), too low in their seats (you can basically see only their heads), look too scared on the road (if you're so much afraid of the road, maybe, you shouldn't drive? Afterall, the road is not a game, and it won't forgive mistakes).
  3. Kiwi (local newzealanders) girls, ladies and old ladies - who even gave them their ddriver's licence?? Apparently they think they drive in their own little village, where it is OK not to show any indicators when turning/changing lanes. These road idiots only use a mirror to look at themselves; they DO NOT KNOW THE ROAD CODE, and use their car horns as often as some invisible maggot bites them. I cannot see any other explanation. Ladies, learn how to drive first, then go on the road!

In my opinion, the Driving Commission (or whatever they call it) should be more meticulous to whom they award licence (unless they drive as badly), because I hear any citizen can get a driver's licence without any problem in NZ. Well, we can see the results...