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as the summer passed by so quick, I feel it’s time to write a new article about the growing immigration business.

I read a lot of forums about immigration to the EU and 99% of the people discussing there are highly confused.

It’s not their fault. The EU is a huge mess by its own means and every member state gives out confusing information. Than this info gets twisted and misrepresented by immigration agencies, who in search of the biggest commissions, are ready to sell the clients worthless properties in Portugal and elsewhere, leaving the clients in the dark, that they just bought a property 5 times above market value, zero resell value and all they got is a Schengen Area travel visa, valid for one year.

The clients think, that they bought a nice property and on top they feel like, they arrived into a new lifestyle. Well the Portugal Golden Visa is just a Visa...

You can't even use it to go to the UK on a short visit.

The same is happening in Greece, Spain, Holland, Hungry and a number of other countries.

The next big issue is the Schengen area zone..

The Schengen area was created with the aim to ease up the travelling between different countries in the EU. It is basically a Tourist Visa policy, which would allow tourists to travel in the Schengen Area between countries, without the need to have a visa issued by each country.

It has nothing to do with immigration to any of the EU countries and is not to be compared with EU residency rights etc.

Yet again, all immigration agents are advertising Schengen member countries for residency. A country like Bulgaria, who has a very transparent and efficient immigration law, but is not a Schengen member, is getting badmouthed.

I would agree to that, if you are a travel agency selling tour packages.

But if you sell EU immigration, you should forget about Schengen. It’s a Tourist Visa Treaty. Nothing more.

People who seek advice from me on immigration issues, often ask me:

What is difference between a Portugal Golden Visa and a Bulgarian EU passport?

I answer with a question:

What is the difference between a US Tourist Visa and an American Passport?

The Bulgarian immigration program allows its applicants to become EU citizens within 22 months.

Europe can be seen as the "United States of Europe" thus offering its passport holders free movement and settlement rights within its territory.

As long as the immigration program you chose treats you like a business tourist, and that is what a number of countries are doing, you should look for a more sustainable solution.

Tourist Visas can be revoked. Citizenship deprivation is a more complicated issue.

Its funny that after my first article here in June 2015, calling out Portugal as a phony scheme, the Golden Visa Program got suspended because of various irregularities...

My advise to any client looking for a longer term sustainable EU immigration:

Aim to become a citizen of the EU within a foreseeable time frame. As of now there are 3 countries who offer this privilege:

Cyprus, the quickest way to EU Citizenship ( most expensive option, properties )

Malta, expensive but quick too ( donation to the government )

Bulgaria the most affordable option with a high level of transparency

Having a citizenship from any of the countries mentioned above will result into a EU citizenship, opening the doors to a world class life style and a secure future for your family.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

Tenio Latev