Dear Readers,

as I watch global events unfold in recent months, I cant shake off the feeling that the majority of the world is in trouble. We are witnessing the biggest migration wave since more than 100 years and it takes place on various levels.

To most of you, who are reading this forum, this is a well know fact.

However, to be very honest, for a long time I did not understand the long term implications of this movement and how it will affect all of our lives.

You see, history happens to roll over our heads, as we try to come up with plans and policies how to handle events.

The Eurasian landmass is heading towards a big crisis and I don't want to go into details, because none of you will read till the end.

Let me tell you only so much. The big winner in this game of turmoil will be the UNITED STATES. Despite of its twisted showbiz pop culture life style, the US has mastered the global game of how to be an empire.

While traveling around in Asia to meet my clients, almost 85% of the conversation start with a simple question:

"Mr. Latev, can you help me settle down in the US?"

It seems that Asian people have a particular weakness for the US, which to me comes as a surprise. But as said, history rolls over you, while you try to figure out what to do.

My advise to most clients, wanting to settle in the US, was always the same.

"Please see an EB5 consultant."

Guess what happened next..

Almost all of the people, given the advise to, do not want to participate in the EB5 program. For reasons of lengthy procedures and loss of investments.

So once again I had to go look for a solution..

After some research, it turned out, that the US has treaties with over 60 countries, allowing passport holders of certain nations, to settle in the US, incl. their immediate families, based on the E2 visa program.

The E2 program requires a relative small investment into a US based company and within a few months time, the applicant can settle in the US. Seems to be very efficient. Of course the process requires a diligent attention to details, but its nowhere nearly as complicated as the EB5 program.

My solution for clients, who's final target is to settle in the US, is very simple.

Become an EU citizen by investment first. Than use the E2 program.

There are only 3 countries in Europe that provide fast execution of EU citizenship applications:




It turns out, that Malta and Cyprus are not treaty countries!

Therefore they cannot take advantage of the E2 program.

Once again Bulgaria has a competitive advantage, because it is a treaty country, what makes it a perfect stepping stone for clients wanting to live in the United States.

More on this topic be found trough simple online searches in google and youtube.

My goal is to provide knowledge and solutions to those willing to listen and trust me.

Feel free to contact me with further questions.


Tenio Latev