One of the key advantages of the Golden Residence Permit is the requirement of a simple purchase of real estate in Portugal for just 500,000 Euros.

The property can be made up of any type and can be for self-occupancy, to let or for long-term capital appreciation.

If you're thinking about a wider participation in the programme with close friends, family or business partners, each can have part-ownership of a real estate investment valued at more than 500,000 Euros just so long as the principal person in each separate application has a minimum capital contribution of half a million Euros each.

As the Golden Residence Permit is designed for the well-heeled, this 500,000 Euro financial commitment is often just a temporary reallocation of investment portfolio until such a time as your European Passport has been acquired as there is no long-term property ownership 'lock-in'.

Whilst you can divest yourself of the property at 5 years after you convert your Golden Residence Permit into permanent residency, we would recommend that you hold on to your property for an extra year until you clear the naturalization part of your European Passport strategy.

With more than 700,000 empty properties available in Portugal at this time, prices are excellent and the variety of choice amazing.

It is feasible for you buy your property sight unseen but we would recommend that you take an on-the-ground property tour first.

Either way, the European Passport Property Group experts are standing by ready in Portugal to steer you through the choices and help you accomplish this condition precedent en route to gaining your European Passport .

Please, just reach out. We're always ready to help.

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