Hello there! My name is Howie and I am your guide to all the home, lifestyle and family fun stuff that awaits you here in Portugal. As you can see I am a sophisticated Renaissance man and culture vulture, so you can ask me anything about the rich culture of Portugal and I’ll be able to tell you something about it. Of course I am also a family man, so I know everything that’s worth knowing in that field too.

I regularly post video blogs on a wide range of Portuguese subjects: ranging from the language and the weather, through food and drink, to travel and sport. But as there are so many wonderful things going on here some of them may slip my mind from time to time. So if you think of something you’d like me to tell you about, just drop me a line at and I'll get on it.

I’ll tell you howie, whatie, whenie, wherie, and whyie! Oh dear. Sorry about that. The wife tells me off for using that joke. Anyway, I’m sure you and I can still be friends. So I hope you enjoy my videos and I’ll look forwards to hearing from you. Don’t be strangers!