I have been practicing immigration in Hong Kong for at least the last 20 years.

Throughout this time, I have helped literally thousands of clients go on to secure temporary and then, after 7 years, permanent residency here and steered hundreds of others into quality of life immigration programmes in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Many of these clients went on to become citizens of those countries subsequently. Whilst they are all excellent jurisdictions in their own right, these quality of life migration programmes have always been 'clunky' and highly demanding of the participants.

Without exception they have required a significant financial or personal investment, effectively a full-time presence in country, a proficient knowledge of the English language and major disruption to family lives as multiple commitments are juggled to accommodate the exacting needs of the programmes enabling access to residency, naturalization and then, the ultimate objective, a new passport.

In short -- all too hard.

Moreover, all throughout that time, access to European immigration programmes for the well-heeled were invariably expensive, complicated and highly demanding too.

Again, mostly, just too hard.

Then, the Global Financial Crisis hit.

Suddenly, the game changed and Portugal decided that part of the solution to take them back to solvency involved attracting high net worth individuals to their economy and made it quick, easy and cost-effective to allow access to citizenship, most notably through the simple purchase of real estate.

So, since October 2012 the door has opened on the prospect of a European Passport for just:

- The purchase of real estate in Portugal valued at only 500,000 Euros.

- A minimum of just 5 weeks in 5 years 'in-country'.

- A really simple 'get around town' Portuguese language test taken immediately prior to naturalization.

- Full Portuguese nationality, a Portuguese passport and complete EU citizenship rights allowing you to live, work, invest and study - anywhere in Europe, unconditionally and for generations to come.

This programme really is just too good to pass up - both for me as an immigration professional but also for you, as an aspiring European Passport holder.

One day the door will close, but now it's open. I urge you take advantage of it while you can. It really is a once-in-a-lifetime immigration opportunity the likes of which will never be seen again!

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