Before we came to Portugal the population was around 11 million. Now we're here it's around 11 million and four. Which is still fairly small compared with many European countries.

Almost half the people in the country live in the two biggest cities -- Lisbon and Porto -- or the urban centres surrounding them. The west coast in general is very popular with everyone, and newcomers are particularly attracted to the famous Algarve region in the south.

About five percent of the population are people from other nations: mainly other parts of Europe; former Portuguese colonies in Africa and South America; while an increasing number of Chinese citizens are being welcomed these days.

Portugal's geographical boundaries have not changed for 900 years, so the people here have had a long time to build up a strong and highly individual national character and culture. Consequently, when you turn up the Portuguese will be happy to have you around and not think you're invading.

So, why not get stuck in straightaway and start enjoying all the wonderful things that go together to make Portugal uniquely Portuguese -- as well as bringing along a little of your own international je ne sais quoi.