No one likes doing paperwork. Whether it’s on real paper, or in virtual form on the Internet, it can be a real pain. But one of the many wonderful and pleasantly surprising things about the Golden Residence Permit programme is that the law governing it is very clear and simple. Aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal the Golden Residence Permit programme is as transparent, straightforward and flexible as possible.

However, that does not mean that the day-to-day realities of the procedure are clear and simple; not when you factor in the admittedly minimal bureaucratic red tape and, shall we say, the fallible human element of the bureaucrats themselves.

So, that is where we come in. The experience and established official networks of our full-time immigration experts will make the procedure both clear and simple for you. It always helps to know what you are doing: and we know exactly what we are doing. By letting us take care of that side of the process you are gaining peace of mind, as well as saving more of your precious time.

The next two videos in this group tell you what documents you need to submit and what information they must contain, so you can see for yourself the beauty of this programme’s simplicity.