I can’t stress enough what a unique, easy and genuinely golden opportunity the Golden Residence Permit programme is, especially in terms of our immigration experts managing the documentation. There is nothing else like it in the world.

Regarding the five weeks in five years residency requirement, all you need to do is turn up in Portugal and the immigration experts will provide documentary evidence to create a record of your stay.

However, there are a few more bits of paper you will need for the property qualification.

The first is a public deed, or promissory share-purchase agreement, declaring that an authorised financial institution will transfer capital for the full acquisition, or as a down payment guaranteeing the purchase of a property in Portugal valued at 500,000 Euros or more. There are various other subsidiary certificates related to the property purchase and these are listed and explained in detail if you go to the “Homes” link on the European Passport website sidebar.

The only other document you will require is your certificate for passing the very simple Portuguese language test; and you can acquire this at any time during the five-year residency qualification period.