Until the advent of the Golden Residence Permit, gaining a European Passport was typically a really hard won affair.

More often than not, it required significant expense, the uprooting of family, stringent foreign language requirements, and a grand tax-effective strategy spanning many years of in-country residence and major adjustments to your investment portfolio to bring it all about.

But for now, the door is open to you to become a citizen of Europe with very little effort, modest expense and zero lifestyle disruption.

Portugal is a fabulous country, proud of its history, culture, sophistication and warmly welcomes new citizens.

The Portuguese nation is smart enough to understand that you, by owning a piece of their country, will be making a substantial contribution to its economic rehabilitation.

For this, the country expresses its gratitude by making it easy for the quid pro quo to be achieved: Portuguese citizenship with none of the fuss and inconvenience which have traditionally characterized naturalization in EU member nations.

This puts the prize of a European Passport in the lap of every respectable person, and their families, who have the means to invest 500,000 Euros in Portuguese Real Estate.

The greatest immigration prize of all which you get, unlike all other second nationality opportunities, is 27 countries for the price of 1.