There is a plethora of information out there on the internet for aspirants desiring to immigrate to Canada. But all this information can be sometimes misleading and confusing for the candidate. To simplify the process and to understand the Canada PR visa concept in a nutshell here is what you need to know. The federal government uses Express Entry Points Calculator to score every profile and rank them in the Express Entry pool. As an applicant, your aim should be to get the minimum score of 67 points to be eligible to get ranked in this pool.

So how do you achieve 67 points or more in the CRS points calculator?

The IRCC has put forth 6 factors unders which every candidate gains some points and a collective CRS is awarded. Here are those 6 factors and the maximum points you can get in each category.

● Education - maximum 25 points

● Language proficiency - maximum 28 points

● Age - maximum 12 points

● Work Experience - maximum 15 points

● Arranged Employment - maximum 10 points

● Adaptability - maximum 10 points

Candidates can get a maximum of 100 points under these 6 factors. To achieve higher score, you have to perform exceptionally well in language proficiency tests and acquire good work experience. Having a permanent job offer has an added advantage. Your spouse or partner’s language test scores and work experience can also help you gain some points in the express entry points calculator. If you are determined about pursuing your Canada dream, concentrate on these 6 factors and how best you can cross the minimum score.