How much does it cost to hire an immigration expert?

A first consultation with a regulated immigration consultant based in Canada will usually cost between $100 and $200.

Immigration lawyers in Canada will on average charge between $300 and $500 for a first assessment. 

Those prices are just a general indication. During this consultation the expert will evaluate your case and provide you with a general roadmap for your application and the various options you might want to pursue. 

Pricing will vary based on the qualification, education and experience of the organization you are dealing with. It will also depend on the level of guidance you are looking for. For some people a few hours might be sufficient, others may feel the need to hire an expert to represent their case during the entire application process. Also keep in mind that there is no obligation to hire an expert and you are free to apply or appeal a decision on your own.

For a vast majority of people who choose to hire an expert in Canada the consulting cost will be between $500 and $10,000. This is only a pricing guideline which does not include the government fees to process the application.

In 2009 Citizenship and Immigration Canada conducted a public consultation on immigration consultants, lawyers and other representatives. 

The graph below illustrates the result of this study. Over 4,000 prospective immigrants completed the online questionnaire provided by the government of Canada. 


Key Findings:

  • 77% of prospective immigrants paid under $5,000 in fees to get some professional help with their visa application


  • 17% paid between $5,000 and $10,000


  • 6% paid over $10,000

The study also shows that immigration consultants were the most popular form of help (52%). Immigration lawyers came second (21%). 

This 2009 study might not reflect current pricing but it will give you a first indication on what to expect.

Read the full details here ''Public consultation on immigration consultants''.