One of the toughest decisions for a salaried person is to relocate to another country. This decision can likely cause financial issues if wouldn’t find a job in time after relocation. This could also mean you are diminishing your years of savings that you may had been doing for a purpose—like a new car, or a house.

It may seem like a completely impossible task to pull off, but if you do the following, chances are, you will already have a new job before moving out.

Edit your Resume

The foremost thing you need to do is to sit down in front of your desktop and edit your resume right away. But what do you need to change on the resume? Your potential arrival date to the new city, country, etc. If you don’t do that, your potential employers won’t know if you are categorically relocating. And when you compare yourself with other local candidates, they will definitely have a preemptive benefit over you then.

To break this barrier, you have to edit your current address, or add parentheses underneath your current address like this: “[Relocating to Sydney in Winter 2016]”. You can also include another paragraph at the end of your cover letter like: "I am moving to Sydney but I welcome any job interview prior to relocation".

This will highly improve your chances of breaking the barriers of distance.

Do a job hunt beforehand

This is another of the highly necessary prerequisites of relocation. When you are moving to a new country, far far away, getting yourself an insight to the job market there would facilitate your final decision to move out. Doing so will also tell if you are moving out to the right place considering your qualification and skills.

Do the following when searching for a job:

  • Use local job listings. This will give you access to all the kinds of jobs available at your destination.
  • Use Search engine to look for jobs in the city where you are planning to relocate..
  • Consult a career manager who can provide you additional assistance required to search for a long-distance job.

Use your existing network

There isn’t anything wrong with asking people around you or seeking their advice. Be it your co-workers, boss, or mentors you have met through your life. Enhance your association with the local network you are currently in. Reach out to local places and build relationships with professionals in your city.

You can also use your professional connections like LinkedIn. This may help you reach out to some new connections who are already working at your destination.

Be flexible

Moving out to a new country will require you to be more flexible. You may have to sit for interviews at odd hours over Skype, or phone calls. So be ready for anything, even if it’s a five-hour flight that you may have to take.

Stay tuned!