If you are looking to start your business in Hong Kong, it is important to consider the visa formalities. Hong Kong is one of the most business-friendly cities and the government of Hong Kong has adopted an open immigration policy. Nations of about 170 countries may visit Hong Kong without a visa for visiting and tourist purpose. However, to establish or join-in a business in Hong Kong, you will need anemployment visa or work permit.

As visa formalities will differ from visiting or workingpurpose, it is important to consider the services of a proficient company that can take care of visa formalities and aware of the legal formalities in Hong Kong. It is important to apply for Start up visa through an experienced firm to help you set up your business in the city within the legal jurisdictions.

A visa consultation firm will provide tailor made migration solutions for foreign investors looking to start their business in the country. You will always get expert advice to assist you in obtaining the visa easily to work or start a business in the city. You can discuss and find the best Visa options to invest and work in the country without violating the laws of the country. You can easily get a free visa assessment to check the eligibility. Then, you can book a consultant’s call and start the program. You need to understand the eligibility and application criteria so that your application never gets rejected to start the business.

You must not have a criminal record and should boost of a good education track record. It is important to demonstrate that your business will generate jobs for the country and has a significant economic impact without disrupting the ecological balance of this precious city. You also need the backing and support of a recognised funding institution apart from local sponsorship also. It is important to register your business as per the intellectual legal rights to avoid any issues to process the Visa.

To get an Entrepreneur visa , you also need to comply with laws and rules of the country.

If you want to expand your current business or want to start a new one, it is important to adapt to the open trading environment of the country. You need to understand your rights as a foreign worker in Hong Kong while applying for Hong Kong Visa .

You must be aware of all the formalities like acquiring proper documentation to back your technical and professional abilities. It is important to show the proof of an existing overseas business and investment amount. It is important to submit a comprehensive financial commitment with proof of sufficient capital to operate a business for a minimum of 2 years. If you hold the visa and continuously living in the country for 7 years, you can apply for Immigration to Hong Kong by getting the permanent residency.

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