Over the recent years, Germany has shown an outstanding growth in economy: automobiles, consumables, even clothes of quite decent modern style. Similarly, all my friends have gone slightly mad over the past few years, repeating in unison how great Germany is and how amazing it would be to move there.  Well, I decided to go there to check it out for myself. Further you'll see my remarks on some of the cities I was in.

  1. Hamburg - claimed by many to be as near as the most beautiful city in whole Europe. Well that's ridiculous. Yeah, there are some lovely historical mansions on the banks of the Elbe river, but what struck me most was ... something different. The second biggest city in Germany is very hostile and produces an impression as if you suddenly find yourself in a documentary about the fascist revolting atrocities: so dim and howling the red buildings are. People there are very arrogant and mean. They will judge you by the way you are dressed and what kind of accent you have.
  2. Munich -  well, cars there are certainly much cheaper than in Hamburg, but the walls of the houses even dirtier. Sadly, but there's too many Turkish and African-American (let's be politically correct) guys spitting and littering on the streets. The cheapish consumption that has swallowed the beer capital has managed to spoil even the fancy Bavarian architecture. Very depressing.
  3. Dresden -  by far the most cultured and decent German city. Resembles St.Petersburg, but is somewhat unique. Very tiny, but has its style. People are very polite, well-behaved and sort of calm. Maybe it's the ages of life that weigh down on them and make them more self-aware. No litter on the streets, no loud talk, even the audio-guides are of much better quality than those in the above mentioned places. If I ever move, I'll move to Dresden.
  4. Berlin - can't say anything negative. I love big cities, and I love capital cities. Berlin reminds you of every capital city in a way. It's huge, a little crazy, has both history and modernity. Berlin is surely one step ahead of all the other 'big' cities in Germany. No wonder it's a capital! 

To sum it up, I think I'll give my plans on immigrating to Germany a second thought. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, after all.