Well, the systems of education here and in my native country are certainly different. Let's begin with the positive moments:

  • final grades here are calculated out of a hundred (which, I'm sure you would agree, is a much more objective reflection of your knowledge than a five-grade system);
  • since I study in (allegedly) the best uni in NZ, they try not to lose their face, of course, which, in its turn, is embodied in a moderately good ecquipment, facilities and internet access;
  • it is absolutely impossible to bribe a professor to get a mark, which means that around half of the students getting their education in my Motherland now would find it extremely hard to study here. You see, you actually HAVE to study here.

Now I'd like to mention the disadvantages (I have something to compare the uni with so will share my personal opinion only, and the humble one):

  • professors are very narrow-minded, they know only a limited part of their field. So if you are one of those who like studying and expect to get a wonderful opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable professor here, you won't get it. Save up for studying at Stanford;
  • teaching is very unprofessional, with some lecturers yelling, some mumbling and constantly forgetting something, and some having no structure in their lectures. Surely, it is no good for learning;
  • if you are a robot, you're gonna like it here, cause the education is a set of instructions for the trainees. You are bound to follow these instructions, and if by any chance you happen to have brains or imagination (or even both), and think outside the box, don't expect the teachers to appreciate it. You'll be severely punished and forced to drop any attempts to be a personality.

Conclusion: if it's your only chance to immigrate, go for it.

But if you wanna study to get knowledge, NO, NO NO!