A refugee is someone who is being persecuted for various reasons such as religion, nationality, political opinion, membership of a certain group, and race and is subjected to live outside his country of origin and who is unable to avail himself for the protection of that country.

While in foreign land, Refugees are faced with a major problem of loss of lives, health impacts and loss of livelihoods.

The following are the problems faced by refugees.

Language barrier

You can imagine a refugee who arrives in America, a country which is not known for being multilingual and is unable to speak in English. They cannot make friends, complete basic task like buying food or filling a simple form.

Raising and putting their children to school

The biggest obstacle faced by refugees is raising their children outside of their culture. They witness their children adapting to new cultures which sometimes conflict with theirs. Children especially teens adapts to the foreign language faster than the parents which leaves them off their children's dynamics. Parents usually feel disappointed to see their children struggle in schools especially when they face discrimination or bullying as a result of cultural differences.

No security at work

Refugees and immigrants are usually happy to land some sort of job and they tend to take what comes first. Advancing or getting a decent job is next to impossible. This is especially if you are faced with language barrier, no matter how educated you are. They are easy target to discrimination and exploitation at work places. Most employers take this advantage and exploit them by offering them dangerous roles.

No secure housing

Safe and affordable housing is rather expensive and so more to refugees. Due to low paying jobs, refugees cannot afford decent housing and so they tend to live together in large families which creates stressful, noisy, and environments not conducive. They face exploitation from their landlords and many live in bedbug infested apartments where landlords charge to have them removed.

They don’t access services

Most refugees fear deportation and therefore they are afraid to access to such facilities as health facilities. Many refugees are exposed to rape, violence and torture and they may not be in a position to seek help anywhere. Most affected are health patients who are seen as taboos in some cultures.

In spite of the above challenges that refugees face, most people are strong and are grateful to be in the United States. Most of them desire to see their children go through school and be self reliant. If you come across someone who is undocumented, try and talk to him, he might have a story to share.