As you can expect moving to a new country is a massive change in your life and you can experience everything from a culture shock to a difficulty in adjusting yourself to the entire experience. This is why, between arriving in a new country and being fully integrated it can take up to 2 years, which might seem like a lot at first but the reality is that such a huge amount of time is indeed necessary to begin with.

The first step is fun, because you do get to explore a new society, you have the ability to understand them and figure out your place in the society as well. You can also feel like a tourist, which is a very good idea because it helps you boost your overall knowledge about the area and you will also have fun since you explore the region and get more accustomed to it. The entire idea of exploration brings you a lot of fun, not to mention that you have the ability to organize your schedule and be in complete control. This really is a fun side of the entire settlement process.

However, after settlement you can find fright. You will then realize that you live in a different country. Usually this happens when you get some bad news or something you don’t like to hear about your home country. When such a thing appears, you will collapse and it will be very challenging to realize that there’s nothing you can do because you are so far away. That’s where the entire idea of feeling like a foreigner comes into play and combined with the feeling of wanting to go back home, it can definitely lead to quite a lot of fright right from the start.

Then you will enter the flight/fight phase. You won’t experience fright at least after a few months once you settled but it will be a constant challenge and fight with the things that come in front of you. In fact, you can either choose to fight or to go back home. Many consider this as being the most challenging part of the entire experience and they are surely not wrong to say the least. It’s all about knowing your strength, if you can’t stay in a new country then it’s a lot better to just go back home.

Lastly, once you decided that you stay and fight for your rights you will find yourself accommodated with the entire experience. It definitely is a very satisfying moment when you finally realize that you belong there and the more you fight, the better the outcome will be.

You have to remember that settling in a country after immigrating can be a tough pill to swallow, but thankfully you do have the motivation and focus to pull this through. Focus on that and make sure that you work hard to achieve your goals, then the results will be amazing!