Are you moving to Finland as a spouse and would like to know about working in Finland? Or do you prefer to stay at home or study in Finland. Our spouse support programme is designed to enable trailing spouses to explore the options and opportunities that a relocation to Finland has to offer.

The counselling is covering the following areas

Career counselling

  • Advice and preparation of CV tailored to the Finnish market
  • Research on market trends and information from the special sector
  • Advice and assistance in preparing for the job intervies
  • Advice on press and internet portals specializing in job postings
  • Information and introduction to networking opportunities
  • Information about career options, training and development.

If you want to stay at home or study

  • information about relevant networking and expatriate associations in Finland
  • introduction to language and further education options
  • voluntary work
  • daily life in Finland

Individual sessions can be arranges of specific areas, such as updating the CV or preparing for the job interviews.

We can offer one-to one sessions or workshops.

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