Australia has it all: beaches, clubs, great infrastructure, only to name a few. Generally though, here are five things I absolutely love about Australia.

Amazing People

Australians are extremely friendly, laid back and fun. Their boys are very good looking and they have a very good accent. Moreover, their girls are extremely gorgeous too. They are always down for a good beer and want to enjoy there and have some fun. Going there, you will not feel out of place and get accustomed to their culture and their people well.

Great Landscape

Australia also has some of the best landscapes to offer. Their beaches are gorgeous, their rainforest is also pretty amazing. You can enjoy there sitting on the beach and enjoy the natural beauty that this country offers.

Cities Are Liveable

Melbourne has been rated as the most liveable country in the world. The food is great and the health care, culture and everything else is fine too. You can easily live there and enjoy some peace time. Moreover, you also won’t believe the food that it offers. Their food is amazing and high in quality and in addition, their coffee is one of the world’s best.

Good Women Rights

Australia also has some of the best women rights. They protect their women well. In fact, Australia was the second country to have had allowed their women to vote. The first being New Zealand. Generally though, the whole idea is that Australia prioritizes its women really well and that is another reason why you should live in this country.


The infrastructure of a country is probably one of the best things you can enjoy simply. Nobody likes to live in a country that doesn’t have proper roads etc built. However, living in Australia, you will realize how smooth and peaceful your life is simply because they have some of the best beaches they can offer.

Lots Of fun Activities

There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in Australia and have fun. First is scuba diving. There are plenty of places where you can go and do scuba diving in, in Australia. It is always fun to go in the water and enjoy water sports and this is something you can do well in Australia. Moreover, you can even visit the Fraser island. It is the largest sand island and it is becoming incredibly popular amongst the back packers. You can easily drive yourself there and have a guide that assists you all the time. There is also an amazing vast stretch of beach there that you can visit and enjoy some water.

Generally, Australia is the place to be if you want a decent lifestyle, a decent living and more. It is a good place because it prioritizes its women and helps people live a comfortable and healthy life.