• Determine if you are eligible under one or more Canadian immigration programs and your chances of being accepted.
  • Maximize your chances of getting your application approved by choosing the most appropriate immigration program for your situation. There are over 50 immigration categories available in 2014 and finding the right one is not always straightforward. Experienced immigration experts understand the process because they are trained in this field and they have dealt with hundreds if not thousand of applications like yours previously. They have a deep understanding of what makes an application successful or not. 
  • Help you deal with this emotional event. Scientific research done by psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe in 1967 has revealed that changing residence and living conditions were among the most stressful life event a human being will experience. Some people find it reassuring to have a professional on their side during the application process.
  • Save you time and potential mistakes. An expert can assist you with the forms and documents you will be required to provide. 

Important note: An immigration expert cannot guarantee a successful outcome for your visa application. In other words, be very cautious of people promising you there is a 100% chance of your visa being approved. This is false information.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the only institution issuing visas in Canada. They are the only ones to make the decision on your case.

Source: 2Vancouver.com