Foreigners Lawyer

Alexander Baron von Engelahrdt

Alexander was born in New York City and grew up in a multicultural family in the United States. Never having to deal with only one culture, he was raised interspersed with a conglomeration of tradi-tions and cultural habits. As the western slip of his elders coming from Lithuania, Russia, Silesia, Masuria, he has been inspired from their cultures and has combined them with his most dominant cultural experiences, the U.S. and German. He understands firsthand what it means to be in a different culture.
After growing up in the spheres of international private law, Alexander later decided to deepen these special particularities in direct studies at the university. He obtained his license to practice as an attorney in 1997 by the Chamber of Attorneys of Berlin.
His professional interests are threefold:
1.) He is the foreigner’s lawyer for immigration, commerce, and taxes.
2.) The publisher of the “The Legal Guide to Germany”,
3.) offering virtual offices and readymade companies off the shelf,




English, German, Malayalam and Simplified Chinese


Hardenbergstr. 12
Germany 10623