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We have 42 offices in more than 20 countries and can offer immigration counselling and services in more than 170 countries.
Our Brussels law office was established in 1999 and with almost 30 staff members provides fully integrated immigration service offerings for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and serves as coordinating office for French immigration business needs. The Belgian practice has built on the global firm’s strong track record, procedural knowledge and operational practices and successfully combines legal knowledge with a large body of practical experience and solid governmental contacts.
As the largest and leading provider of immigration services, Fragomen provides clients with high-quality, innovative, sustainable and cost-effective worldwide immigration services, which have several separate but related elements. In order to do this, we consistently improve our operations in order to render them more efficient and client friendly. Furthermore, we perform research on a constant basis in order to keep track of and be the first to know about new developments in immigration policy and immigration law.
We are immigration advisors for many of the world’s leading companies in a wide range of industries. Our experience representing a majority of the top Fortune 500 companies includes providing an efficient, compliance-oriented and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of major multinational companies.
Our office also provides outbound services, for companies sending their employees abroad, consular services and document procurement assistance.


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