Jasper Consultancy


Our Services
Jasper Consultancy specializes in career counseling to students aspiring to undergo Bachelors, Masters or PhD programs in local, regional and international higher learning institutions. For students we offer the following;

 We provide professional career counseling by working with high school graduates and providing training to career counselors. Our aim is to prepare the student to choose the right career path and the right university that will suit their needs.
 We advise on best career options and guide students in making an informed decision by providing adequate and thoroughly researched information on different professions and careers.
 We advise on selection of an excellent institution for higher learning taking into consideration the students’ financial capacity and potential.
 We assist with the application process by positioning the student as the best candidate for placement in a University or College and advise on requirements, rules and regulations for a successful admission.
 Student Exchange programs
 Student Visa support and assistance
 Immigration Support and assistance


Tanzania and Zambia




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