Angelina Kalinina

Our main OFFICE is located in the heart of Limassol (Cyprus), a perfect destination for our clients who wish to combine business and pleasure.

In OLIESERVE we devote all our concentration to providing only the “Top Service”, in terms of affordability, time efficiency and finally, but most important, quality!

The founders of OLIESERVE are business orientated individuals, just as our customers. In their time, they have gone through all the difficulties in working with various service providers all over the world in the areas of business administration, tax planning, immigration and investment. As a result, they have decided to set up a service company, taking their own experience “from the other side” and using it to be able to satisfy even the most sophisticated business needs.

Therefore, the mission of OLIESERVE is to become the trustee of your interests. We are ready to take the pressure off your shoulders and serve your needs in the best possible way.

Our core values are as simple as:
Honesty – we will never try to mislead our clients in order to sell the product. We will cover all the risks as well as the benefits. The client is the only one who can choose to take those risks.
Decency – we value our reputation and that is the reason why you can always rely on our team, which consists of honest and decent professionals.
Trust – we guarantee the full protection of any information received from our existing or potential clients. You can also trust us on keeping you informed on any developments in the laws and regulations that might affect your interests.
We promise to stick to our core values and guarantee the quality of our services.

Cyprus is the ideal country to raise your children, provide them with excellent education and live a stress free life. You will be surrounded by picturesque landscapes, sandy beaches and enjoys sunny weather almost all year round. Cyprus is not only known for its excellent weather conditions and friendliness of its residents, it also has an established reputation as an international financial center. The strategic geographical location of the country has enabled it to develop into a prominent financial center as it provides a gateway to Europe, Asia and Africa. The country is considered to have one of the best financial service sectors in Europe as it combines an excellent, growing service industry with a low cost but high standard of living. Many business people are choosing Cyprus either to relocate their companies or to invest in one of its sectors (energy, real estate etc.). Despite the financial crisis that has hit the country in the last couple of years, the economy is being rebuilt and there are many opportunities for investment.

OLIESERVE can assist you to acquire either a short term or long term residence permit for staying legally in the country. Whether you wish to stay a little bit more on the island and explore it, relocate with your family on a short or long term basis, or even set up a trading business in the country we are able to advise you and assist you on which residence permit is most suitable for your needs. We will handle the whole process and all the preparation of documents on your behalf to apply and acquire the residence permit that you need. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise on the relevant procedures and legislation will enable you to ease your mind and be assured that your application is handled in a correct and efficient way.




English, Greek and Russian


Kiriakou Matsi 3
Office 4C, Roussos Limassol Tower
Cyprus 3040