Return Ticket

Marja Saviaro

Return Ticket-two way ticket to the world

Return Ticket, established in 1997, is a company offering training and advice on the personnel aspects of internationalisation. Our general objective is to increase corporate readiness to meet the challenges faced by personnel management in relocating and adjusting employees and their families to new cultural surroundings, and later back home.

Our services for foreign employees and their families consist of independent modules especially tailored to meet the needs of a particular company and the target group. The main objective of our services is to give individuals or families the information and help needed to make the assigment in Finland a success so that the likelihood of failure is minimized.

Module I

Pre-information on Finland by E-mail, pre-information of the family
Pre-visit: home search, school and day care search
- Information of needed documents
- obtaining residence permit
- Registration to the population information system in Finland
- obtaining a personal identity number
- obtaining a tax card
- Enrolment to social security (KELA) to Finland

Module II Settling in Services

opening a bank account
driving licence
Finnish medical services
Includes: Welcome to Finland-material package and Expat Guide to Finland, author Marja Saviaro

Module III

Culture Training

Module IV

Language training

The services include support and help during the whole assignment

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