Selvans Global

Selvans Global

Selvans Global is a Selvans sro business unit providing business consulting services all over the world with
our dedicated associates strategically located in Europe, the CIS and India. Selvans sro is a limited liability
company established in 2012 according to the Slovak legislation. It has two founding partners coming from
Ukraine and India, both key emerging markets with huge development opportunities. We have partnered
with leading business houses in our area of operation. We work as a Trusted partner with our client, and we
value & respect the knowledge of internal teams while remaining focused on our client’s goal, not ours.
We are peer advisors to senior leaders adept at developing the strategy & implementing the solution. Our
client know us for the quality and sophistication of our work and you can be confident the solution we
provide will be practical and thorough, fact based and actionable.


Poland and Slovakia


English, Hindi, Russian and Ukrainian


Severna 19
Banska Bystrica
Slovakia 97411